July 13, 2018

Gasper's Bad Week Gets Worse

Conducts a Poll in Preble County

After receiving cease and desist letters from local universities for illegally using their names for political fundraising, Theresa Gasper has wasted that money conducting a negative poll in the wrong Congressional District.

"This is just another sloppy, irresponsible example of why Theresa Gasper doesn’t deserve the trust of voters," said Kevin Doering, Deputy Campaign Manager of Citizens for Turner. "How can she seek to represent the 10th District if she doesn’t even know where it is? If she would like some help, she can go to our website and see a map of the 10th Congressional District, which includes Montgomery, Greene, and the northern half of Fayette County."

"In addition to her careless management, Gasper squandered her supporters' money on a worthless poll. How can she be responsible for taxpayers' dollars when her own donors’ money is wasted?" Doering added.







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